Aiming to be THE Specialty Chemicals provider for EU Space and Defense industries


Chemical process engineering consultancy and support for EU Space and Defense industries


Specialty equipment / test set-up / demonstrator design and manufacture



AEM – Advanced Energetic Materials ltd. provides products and services in the European Union primarily and Worldwide aimed at the Space and Defense markets. AEM is looking to provide specialty chemicals that are not readily available in the EU and chemical process engineering consultancy and advice. Please have a look at the company profile, portfolio and examples pages to get an impression of services provided but we are not limited to this.

AEM consists of a team of chemical process engineers, synthesis and analytical chemists with more than 20 years experience in the Specialty chemicals, Space and Defense industries developing, setting up and optimising chemical manufacturing processes from initial idea to research pilot through to full scale plants. As a company we try to combine our high-tech approach and all available resources to bring your company, product or research project further.

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AEM ltd. provides to the defense and space industry where YCPRES provides to the other industries in the same region.